LAST year the Ministry for Commerce handed out 66 fines, 42 of these were for failing to comply with working hours which itself makes up 63 percent of the total fines. These facts and figures were released yesterday by the Director General of Commerce, Fransesc Tutzó, at a Commerce Advisory Board meeting. The Commerce Advisory Board is an organisation made up of representatives from the Governement, Balearic Ministries, Consumer Associations, employers and trade unions in the market sector. A spokesperson from the Ministry for Commerce, Industry and Energy said that 99 fines were filed for alleged offences, out of these 66 were actually handed out, 60 to companies in Majorca and 6 to companies in Ibiza. These fines were mostly given for not complying with working hours, and following this 8 fines were given out because the companies were carrying out commercial activities without the appropriate business licences. Furthermore, six fines were handed out to companies who were offering abnormal promotions, three for not registering the company, others for increasing selling space and two for illegal activities. The Commerce Advisory Board refused the opening of four large commercial buildings (three in Ibiza and 1 in Palma) but approved the building of two others (one in Palma and the other in Ciutadela, Minorca). Also, the Board agreed to organise meetings concerning the criteria that is necessary in order to be classified as a “area that has a great abundance of tourists” in each one of the Balearic Islands. On 4 January the Advisory Board agreed to create a commission which will be responsible for proposing the criteria that each region must fulfill in order to be granted this new classification. This new classification will allow the shops in the stated area to open on bank holidays between April and October. As all the islands are distinct and different, the Ministry for Commerce said that it is necessary to hold forums on each island, before the main meeting takes place at the end of this month, where the criteria will be agreed.