Staff reporter

LAST month was the sixth warmest and driest January since 1971.
Average January temperatures across the country were 1.7ºC higher than usual with maximum temperatures reaching between 19 and 23ºC on the mainland and in the Balearics and the met. office has confirmed that the past three months have been “slightly warmer” than normal.

However, it not the unusually high temperatures which are causing concern but the severe lack of rain.
The hydraulic year, which started in October, continue to be “dry”.
In fact, average rainfall since October is 42 percent below the norm and, according to the met office, there are few indications to suggest that the situation is going to change.

A few isolated showers are forecast for the Balearics this week, some snow may even fall on the mountain tops, for example, but heavy rain is only expected in the north west of the country.

The principal feature of this winter in the Balearics has been the wind. Since last October's hurricane storms, the weather has been relatively stable and calm but the past few months have been marked by the gale force winds which have caused regular problems for shipping.

Thick early morning fog has also grounded flights on a number of occasions.
However, so far, this winter, has been sunny and dry but, do not forget the torrential rains which soaked the region at the end of March and during April last year.