By Humphrey Carter

AT LAST - the sun shone yesterday and the wind gave a respite as the head of the Balearic meteorological office, Agusti Jansa, confirmed that this Autumn-Winter has been the most unstable since weather records began in the Balearics. “These past few months have been extremely unstable, unusual and unpredictable. The storms we've had have made it the wettest period for the past 30 to 40 years with record levels of rainfall and unprecedented gale force winds and hurricane weather fronts.” Jansa explained that the three-month period of October, November and December were the wettest since 1959.
According to the met.- office's records, a total 2'095 litres of rain per square metre were recorded by the weather stations at Lluc, Sa Pobla and Porto Pi in Palma during that period. An “accumulative record” said Jansa yesterday. The wettest day of last year and the past 65 years, since the Lluc weather observatory was installed and came into operation, was December 15 when 274 litres of rain fell per square metre during a 24-hour period.

But, not only have we been soaked by torrential rain, we have also been regularly lashed by hurricane force winds.