PALMA fans of the popular Irish group, U2, queued all night outside the record shops which were the ticket outlets for the forthcoming U2 concert to be held in Barcelona on 7 August. Demand in Majorca exceeded all expectations and many fans even camped out in front of the record shops Gong and Xocolat in Palma, to be the first in the queues when the shops opened in the morning. Tickets went on sale yesterday morning all over Spain for this concert which will take place in Barcelona, so the pressure was on for all fans to be one of the fortunate few to buy a concert ticket. The U2 tickets are on sale on the Internet but there was an unexpected network crash when thousands and thousands of die-hard fans used the Internet at the same time during the early hours of yesterday morning. At 12 noon yesterday, Xocolat in Palma had only been able to physically sell 50 concert tickets, even though there were more than 150 people waiting their turn to buy tickets. The queues of people started at the music shops and ran well into the streets in Palma.
Although their dedication was apparent, the U2 fans were also a little disappointed by all the computer glitches that stopped them buying tickets through the Internet and prolonged the process at music shops. Some of the fans, who had been waiting patiently outside the music shops most of the day, had to eventually give up in order to go to work.
The Barcelona concert will take place at the Camp Nou stadium, which has a capacity for over 115'000 people, making it the biggest venue in Spain for U2*s current world tour. Ticket prices are 46'25 euros, 61'25 and up to 76'25 euros.
The world tour opens next month.
The first concert they will give will be in San Diego in America on 28 March.
The tour, called Vertigo 2005, will then proceed to thirteen other American cities where the band will be sure to entertain the crowds.
They will then start the European leg of the tour in June, when the four members will arrive in Brussels on 10 June.
In total they will play in 24 European cities, promoting their latest album called How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.
U2, comprising Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Junior and Dave Evans, will begin the Spanish leg of the tour in Barcelona at the Camp Nou stadium.
After this concert, which is sure to be a success owing to the numbers who took to the streets yesterday morning in Palma to get a ticket, the band will then travel to San Sebastian. Here they will hold a concert at the Anoeta Stadium on 9 August. Madrid will follow with a packed out concert being held on 11 August. Tickets for the two concerts in San Sebastian and Madrid sold out within nine hours of being on sale. The Irish band are well-known for their 80s and 90s anthems, such as With or Without You and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
The band have not played in Barcelona for four years, and it seems likely they will receive a very warm welcome.
The band began their musical career back in 1978, when the four members who are still together today, were still studying at secondary school.
They went on to record their first album, Boy, in 1980.