Palma.—On most days of the year, the weather in Majorca is good, but just occasionally, it turns wet - very wet. This year, the participants in the ESRA Car Treasure Hunt experienced one such day, so much so that the Organisers did, at one stage, consider changing the event into an inter-District water polo competition in the restaurant car park.

But mere rain never deters the intrepid members of ESRA and over one hundred turned up at Campanet for the start of the Treasure Hunt, many wearing fancy dress. All breakfasted at a restaurant before setting out on an interesting, if soggy, 50 km route, taking them along country lanes, and through many attractive villages across the middle of the island, much to the bemusement of the locals. At one point, a team wearing pyjamas and night-caps were seen entering a café in Biniamar, as a female pirate complete with moustache was coming out. The regulars in the bar were heard to be muttering comments about crazy foreigners, although no-one quite understood why.

The ESRA District winning the trophy for the highest average score was ‘North'. The winning individual car was a team called “Play It By Ear” (consisting of Brian and Brenda Lowndes and Robert and Christine Maynard). Clearly a better class of motorists reside in the North, as this team took part wearing evening dress.

Prizes were presented to the winners by the President of ESRA, Michael Booker, and the event was organised by the South West District of ESRA.
This was a wet, but a memorable day, which appeared to have been enjoyed by everyone taking part, as experiences were swapped over lunch. Anyone listening in would have thought that they were fishermen, but then in that weather …..