Palma.—The bodies of the two young men swept away by a giant wave on Wednesday evening in Cala Mendia near Porto Cristo, were finally found yesterday.
A massive search on land, sea and from the air has been underway ever since the alarm was raised at 5pm on Wednesday but the rough seas and strong winds hampered the search teams at times.

The two men, a Venezuelan and a Colombian and both in their early 20s, had climbed a four metre rock during their work break in order to take some pictures of the rough seas and crashing waves.

A third man, a work colleague, took some pictures and, as he returned to his car, a huge wave hit the rock on which the two were standing and swept them away.

Divers and helicopters spent days searching the area and yesterday at midday the first body, that of the young Venezuelan, was found some eight metres under the water.

At 1.15, the body of his Colombian friend was finally located nearby at a similar depth.
The body of the Venezuelan was discovered by two amateur divers, one of which is a member of the Local Police, and Guardia Civil divers later found the Colombian after they were informed one of the bodies had been found.