THE Majorcan association Anselm Turmeda, in collaboration with the Spanish Islamic Community, will produce 5'000 copies of a biography of the Prophet Mohammed translated into Danish. These will be offered to the Danish Ambassador to Spain, Neils Pultz, who answered the letter sent last week by the Majorcan Muslims in protest at the caricatures of the prophet in the newspaper Jylands-Posten. The President of the Anselm Turmeda association and head of the Balearic Islamic Community, the Majorcan Joan Carles Salva-Trobat, said he considered the reply from the Danish ambassador “very positive” and showed that he was “open to dialogue”. In his letter of reply the Danish ambassador condemned “any expression, action or indication which demonises groups of people for their religion”.
Salva-Trobat said, “the publication of this biography is, without doubt, an important initiative on a world level. These copies will be paid for by the Majorcan Muslims and are a call for tolerance.