POLICE have arrested a man in Palma, 38-year-old Pedro C.O., charged with distributing pornographic photographs of children on the Internet.
Police sources confirmed yesterday that the detainee belonged to a virtual reality website club entitled “Cometopappy”. The association required Internet surfers who wanted to gain access to the clubs video and photo archives, to “bring with them” to the site one or more contributions similar to the images of child pornography used on the web pages. Authorities said Pedro C.O. had contributed a photo album to the Internet meeting entitled “She is a beautiful blonde” which contained images of under-age girls of between approximately 10 and 14, either naked or semi-naked. At the same web “meeting”, investigators also established the existence of eight files of photos and videos displaying explicit scenes of under-age sex, as much between minors as between adults and minors. Police said, however, that this type of web site is not frequently visited on the Internet and becomes inactive after a short time.
The investigation was begun recently by a branch of the judiciary acting against the abuse of minors on the Internet, after the discovery of the distribution of these pornographic images. The accused was traced through the use of the phone line.