THE Heritage department of the Council of Majorca is considering employing Catalan radar specialists to search for hidden archaeological ruins around the ancient Roman city of Pollentia in Alcudia, Councillor Biel Cerdà said yesterday.

Speaking after a meeting with the experts, Cerdà said that the decision will depend on pricing arrangements but the Heritage department has long wanted to search for the as yet unrevealed Roman city gate. He pointed out that it was only three years ago when further archaeological remains were found in Pollentia during the course of building works.

Joaquim Casellas, a leading radar expert, said after meeting with Cerdà that he was “convinced” that were his team be authorised to carry out research, they could discover gate structures as well as water channelling systems and sunken boats. He explained that using radar detection systems from the air allows a “much wider perspective” than conventional methods employed by archaeologists working on the ground.

The proposals Cerdà has made to the Heritage department include scanning the Bay of Alcudia and Pollensa. He said that searches would not just be confined to the sea but would also include a stretch of the coastal area.

The regional Tourism ministry has said that the Roman remains of the city of Pollentia and the artefacts unearthed there are recognised as forming part of Majorca's historic heritage route. The site, and a proposed museum, a spokesman said, could be developed as a major tourism attraction.

Any findings by the radar specialists of other archaeoglogical remains would add to the cultural value of Pollentia, the spokesman said.