Alcudia.—After hearing that the Balearic ports of Mahon and Ibiza have been given a voice of membership on the regional Ports Authority, Alcudia's Mayor Miquel Llompart expressed his anger yesterday that Alcudia has not been included. “Considering that Alcudia is a major port and ferry terminal, it's shameful that we have been left out in the cold,” roared Llompart.
The conflict dates back to July last year when the new Ports Law decreed that local town councils couldn't hold power in the Balearic Ports Authority. Llompart said that he, along with the Mayors of Mahon and Ibiza had written to the Balearic government asking that arrangements be made for the local councils in municipalities where important ports were located to retain their powers in the Ports Authority. “I even spoke directly to President Francesc Antich about it,” said Llompart.

He claimed that up until now he had shown respect for the decision taken by Central Government to rescind local authority powers in port affairs, but said that when he had heard that Mahon and Ibiza had had their voice restored to the Ports Authority and Alcudia had not, he began to suspect that the decision had been linked to political colours. “Both Mahon and Ibiza have Socialist governed (PSOE) local councils,” explained Llompart “whilst the Partido Popular has a majority in Alcudia.”