By Humphrey Carter

THE Guardia Civil in Alcudia are trying to piece together events which led up to a 40-year-old local woman crashing her car into one of the resort's canals and not being found dead in the rear of the vehicle until hours after the accident had occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The alarm was first raised by residents in Avinguda Pere Mas i Reus at 7am when the rear end of the Seat Ibiza was spotted sticking out of the water.
The Guardia Civil and team of GEAS divers were deployed to the scene and it was then that the body of Maria del Pilar Muñoz Bascuñana was found in the back seat.

The vehicle was eventually lifted out of the water and the area cordoned off while investigators examined the accident scene. It appears that the car hit the curb at speed before careering into the two-metre deep and murky waters of the canal.

The impact of the crash into the water is thought to have thrown the 40-year-old woman into the back as she did not appear to have been wearing a seat belt. Divers said that the vehicle's doors were jammed against the river bed and stuck in the mud and would have been extremely difficult for the driver to have forced open. Guardia Civil investigators spent all morning at the scene and a number of local residents were questioned as the police tried to paint a picture of what happened as the woman drove home.

However, no brake marks were found on the road and none of the neighbours spoke of having seen or heard anything strange during the night. This is not the first time a vehicle has apparently ended up in the canal but it is the first time someone has been killed.