By Steve Gerard IT was probably the late frost this year which was responsible for the rather fewer exhibitors and exhibits. The plants were judged by Wally Barns, the assessment of flower arrangements and potted plants fell to Eileen Foster and the photographs were adjudicated by David Bluff. The presentation of the Certificates of merit were awarded by Dorothy Loeffler, President of ESRA. CLASSES AND WINNERS l The John Parker Cup for the highest number of points: A tie between Mona Davies and Ian Broughall l The Flora Trophy for the Best Plant in the Show: Sue Flemming Class5 l The Robert Choules Trophy for the Best Floral Arrangement: Tony Manston l Class 1 1 Bowl of Bulbs, Corms or Tuberous Plants in Flower or Bud 1st Mona Davies 2nd Lily Glotz 3rd Anne Manning . (Excluding classes 5 & 6) 1st Anthony Burrows 2nd Lily Glotz 3rd Mona Davies . (Excluding classes 5, 6 & 9) 1st George Bolton 2nd Georga Bolton 3rd Lily Glotz l Class 4 1 Vase of cut Flowers and / or Shrubs. (Wild plants may be included) 1st Mona Davies 2nd Lily Glotz 3rd Josephine Johns l Class 5 1 Cactus 1st Sue Flemming 2nd Brenda Lowndes 3rd Ian Broughall l Class 6 1 Other Succulent 1st Ian Broughall 2nd Ian Broughall 3rd Rosemary Bentley l Class 7 1 Bowl Garden (accessories allowed) 1st No entry 2nd No entry 3rd No entry l Class 8 1 Pot Tree, Shrub or Bonsai 1st Anthony Burrows 2nd Wendy Spooner 3rd Sylvia Warr l Class 9 1 Fern 1st Anne Manning 2nd No entry 3rd Geraldine Gerard . Theme: “Spanish Garden” Max 750x750mm, height unlimited. Accessories allowed. 1st Tony Manston 2nd Josephine Johns 3rd Josephine Johns . Theme: Any Subject. State Title. 750x750mm, height unlimited. Accessories allowed. 1st Tony Manston 2nd Lily Haslam 3rd Josephine Johns . 1st Chris Good 2nd Dorothy Loeffler l Class 13 Photograph of any Plant or Flower1st Ian Broughall 2nd Steve Gerard 3rd Ian Broughall l Class 14 Photograph of any Garden or Botanical View. 1st Mona Davies 2nd Robin Musters 3rd Robin Musters

· Class 2 1 Pot Plant in Flower or Bud
· Class 3 1 Pot Plant Foliage
· Class 10 Floral Arrangement
· Class 11 Floral Arrangement
· Class 12 Floral Arrangement. Miniature