Palma.—The shocking attack and murder on the streets of London has caused outrage across Majorca. Wendy Peters talks to ex-servicemen on the island about the incident. The three ex-servicepeople have asked for their names to be changed. “These brave lads fight for their country and this is what is waiting for them at home....”“ l Jack (ex Army) was still in a state of disbelief following the slaying and reacted thus: “I got home from work totally unaware of the events; my wife was sitting in front of the television in tears. When I sat down and took it all in I was just shocked… it's outrageous, sickening… like Baghdad coming to Britain. Words can't describe how I feel, these young soldiers fight for Queen and country in Afghanistan, Iraq… abroad and this is what's waiting for them at home. These madmen are shouting Allah is great, obviously Muslim extremists. You don't know who's out there, it's just unbelievable that a young man walking down the street can be run down and beheaded in broad daylight in London. “I think the British public have had enough of talk and all this politically correct nonsense. I think they'll fight back, there'll be riots on the streets and it will spread if the government doesn't get tough. “Over the years British hostages have been beheaded in Afghanistan and Iraq, but on the streets of London at 2 o'clock in the afternoon outside a primary school… it's indescribable. “There's one positive thing that's come out of this and it was a group of women who stood over that dying soldier and stood face to face with these attackers, the British public should be proud that there a people of their ilk. The British public won't be defeated and these radicals won't win, but it's a sad day. “Last night I had to have a talk with my daughters because they said, “Dad you're an ex soldier will somebody come here looking for you?” I left the forces fifteen years ago, how do you explain to a twelve and fifteen year old and try to reassure them that we're safe? It's very sad that we're talking about this in the 21st century, I do feel that people need to vigilant at all times, especially here; it's no good living in a fool's paradise. “For instance these social network sites; I was on Facebook and Twitter this morning reading people's comments, but you never know who's watching or monitoring these sites. People need to be careful, that's my advice.” “The British will not be scared off our streets. It is not our way...” lBill ex RAF: I'm appalled, I'm sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe the images I saw on television. We've had many atrocities on the mainland of Britain over the last forty years, both civilians and service personnel, but never anything as barbaric as this, it's just beyond belief, and then to say that it's done in the name of God… what God? It's certainly not one that I know. It's impossible to find the words to describe such a heinous thing. Every man woman and child of every faith in Britain must be shocked and appalled. I just hope the government will make the right response and try to contain this, because it could spark off terrible problems in our society, it needs to be addressed by the government and of course more importantly by the Muslim community, the true good Muslims, and I believe there are far more good ones than bad ones … they have to flush out the radicals in their society and they need to ensure that Mosques where hate is being preached the radicals are flushed out and the Mosque closed down.

I'm staggered by all this; it's the most horrible thing that I've ever seen in my life. You can't legislate for anything like this… running someone down and hacking them to death… you don't get any intelligence about this kind of thing. How can you counteract that, but the British won't be scared off the streets… it's not our way.” “The government is too soft on terrorism....”“ l Vince (Ex Army): “I'm disgusted by this and I blame the government for their soft approach to terrorists. I served in the first Gulf War and I have friends who after that war left the forces and went to work in Saudi and they had to live by the rules of the country, there was no quarter given because they were Christians, the women had to dress as the Saudis dress and comply with their beliefs. Consequently when foreigners come to the UK they should accept our way of life and if they don't like it, well... Australia lays down the law; the UK should do the same.

There are a lot of Muslims in Britain who will be appalled by this, you can't tar everyone with the same brush it's not fair… it's the extremists, there's been a few in the headlines over the years and the government's still struggling to deport them. Under the act of terrorism they should be able to throw them out of the country, not have to go to court to seek permission… if someone raises arms against the UK throw them out!”