STAFF REPORTER THE Balearic Ministry for Tourism yesterday presented a cultural excursion timetable for “Guided routes around the historic patios of Palma.”. Between today and next Thursday inclusive, there will be no less than 130 outings which will explore the terraces of manorial homes, hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the city.

Historian Gaspar Valero said that the guided excursions are aimed as much at local people as they are at residents and that they are what he described as “an authentic trail” through the culture of the city.

There are two choices of itinerary - the upper and lower part of Palma. The former includes patios at Can Bordils, Can Oms and Can Salas, and the latter visits to Can Weyler, Can Pinos and Can Castello. The ministry would also like to see the tours operating at the end of September as part of moves to establish all-year-round tourism.

Each excursion lasts about two hours, with residents only having to pay four euros against five which visitors will be required to pay. Twenty-five guides will lead the tours and provide commentary in several languages: Castillian Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French and Italian. Reservations can be made on 971-720720.

Tourism Minister, Miquel Nadal, said yesterday that Palma's patios are listed as part of the region's “monumental treasure.”