A love affair that began at the bacon counter of a Sainsbury supermarket six years ago yesterday reached its romantic climax in the shadow of King Juan Carlos' imposing palace in Cala Mayor. With Robert Ellis, Majorca's own Anglican padre, at the check-out conducting the ceremony on the sun-drenched patio of the Edificio Pelicano, Steve Greener and Julie Beard committed themselves to each other after living together for the past five years. Steve, an assistant supermarket manager met the attractive Julie, a display manageress, at the South London store. Both had ptrevious marriages and their children from those earlier partnerships, Siobhan (23) and Paul [19) with Steve's six months old grandson Daniel and his 64 year old mother were at the wedding. Julie's son, Tony, (26), was accompanied by his girl friend Phillipa and his sister Sarah (23). Steve celebrates his 45th birthday today (Fri) and explained why he did not delay the wedding for 24 hours to coordinate the two events. “If I had done that Julie would have only bought me one present,” he laughed. “As it is I will get two pressies. Just to prove I am not stingy I will bring her back to the island and take her to the bacon counter at the Porto Pi supermercado on our wedding anniversary next year just to remind her how it all started. But she will have to pay the bill at the check-out from the housekeeping money.” Both hail from Croydon, and Julie disclosed that, at 46, she is a year older than Steve and quipped: “I always wanted a toy boy!”