THE Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, has pledged that her administration will honour its pledge to invest 70 million euros in the city's infrastructure despite the economic downturn. “The crisis is no excuse for not following through with what has been agreed, but the stimulus that obliges us to improve delivery of resources,” said Calvo in a speech during the debate on the state of the city yesterday morning.

Calvo highlighted some of the achievements of the first year of the legislature and highlighted the need for Palma, as well as other Spanish cities, to be financed in a “more just and balanced way”.

The Mayor said that the economic needs of the city's population were at the top of the council's list of priorities, hence the freeze on the price of basic services such as water and the bus.

She also highlighted the deal with the Department of the Economy that had allowed the council to detect the 24'600 bills that had never been paid in relation to the incineration tax.

This had resulted in an increase of 2.6 million of euros to the council's income.
Calvo said the investment package of 70 million euros would not only help the city face the crisis in the economy but would contribute to improving the quality of life for the residents of Palma's different neighbourhoods, reduce inequality and permit Palma to take a leap forward in terms of its attraction to tourists.

She said that 19 million euros would go towards improving specific areas of the city such as Soledad, Poligono de Levante and Camp Redo.
She added that the European Union had already agreed to put some 3 million euros towards the socioeconomic regeneration of the Camp Redo area.
Calvo said that these areas were the “forgotten Palma”.