Madrid.—Tax ministers of those regions of the country who are struggling to keep their public deficit under control, including the Balearics, met yesterday in Madrid with Central Government Tax and Economy Minister José Manuel López Carbajo.

The purpose of the meeting, said a ministry spokesman, was to help those regions whose deficit has risen above the 0.75% of gross product in the first half of 2011, introduce austerity measures that will make sure that they close the year with a deficit no higher than 1.3%.

The spokesman said that Minister López Carbajo had wanted reassurance from the regions that they would adhere to economic recovery plans already approved by Central Government that will take the country through to 2014. “It was the figures for this year particularly that had been worrying the Minister,” said the spokesman.
Those regions which had not already had their plans to keep a tight rein on deficit approved by local Parliaments, explained to Carbajo what they had in mind. Spain's Finance Minister Elena Salgado is to keep a close watch on developments.