By Humphrey Carter

THE three Majorcan Unionist party members of the Council of Majorca which broke away from the governing coalition on Wednesday in protest over the poor treatment they have allegedly suffered at the hands of Council President Francina Armengol, yesterday indicated that they were going to stand their ground by voting with the opposition Partido Popular in support of a motion regarding the broadcasting policies of the Council funded local TV and radio station.

The PSIB Balearic Socialist Party President of the Council of Majorca offered the UM three an olive branch to sit down and talk through the situation on Wednesday. But their decision to vote against the Council yesterday further fueled rumours that the Majorcan Unionist Party is moving closer to forming a coalition with the opposition Partido Popular which could have wide ranging repercussions on the Balearic coalition-led government and Palma City Council. The PP, which now has a one seat majority in the Council of Majorca, were yesterday continuing to play down the possibility of pulling off a major coup with the backing of the UM while Armengol was forced to admit that she does not know what is going to happen neither tomorrow “nor the day after.”