By Humphery Carter

I have been driving for nearly 30 years, driven all over the world and only been breathalysed twice. Once in the UK by a bored policemen on his own, so it did not count, even though I had not been drinking (you need a second rozzer to make it official) and the last time many years ago in Minorca, again no problem.
However, if Iwere to pop over to Birmingham for a weekend out with the lads there now stands a good chance I would get breathalysed more than I ever have in one night by just trying to get into a club or bar. “Re-loading”, no doubt the next new word for the English dictionary, involves people getting off their faces at home on cheap supermarket booze before hitting the bars and clubs, a bit light for the infamous “botellon” here in Majorca.
The situation has apparently got so serious that bouncers in the city  are being asked to breathalyse their customers before entry.
It means heavy drinkers could be “tested and turned away” from bars and clubs in the city centre.
The idea is to stop people from turning up at a venue already drunk and police believe it should be an effective tool in reducing the amount of drunken brawls and alcohol-related crimes.
Why don’t they introduce the same measures here in Magalluf? Not only would it help to crack down on excess drinking it would make the all inclusive resorts think twice about how much their young guests throw down their necks  before going out.