Martinez and Gijon visited the convention centre and hotel yesterday.


Completion of the Palma Convention Centre and hotel is nearing, but so too is the deadline for  management bids.Yesterday, the Minister for  Tourism, Jaime Martinez and the Palma City Councillor for Tourism, Alvaro Gijon, toured the complex, construction of  which is said to be nearly 85 percent complete.
Work on the exterior of the two buildings should be finished by the middle of next month and the interiors, by the end of August and Martinez said that it is hoped that the complex can start being used  from October. However, the deadline for interested parties to submit their applications for the concessions to manage the complex expires a week today.
Martinez explained that there are three management options, the first is the purchase of the luxury hotel and the rental of the convention centre, the second involves renting the hotel while taking out an option to buy and  taking out the lease on the convention centre and the final  option  is to take out the leases and manage both complexes.
However, the Minister would not give away any information regarding the  the five international companies which are interested.
Nevertheless, Martinez hailed the complex as one of the “basic infrastructures for the creation of a new tourism product in Majorca, in  particular  Palma, and also a key tool towards the decentralisation and prolongation of the tourist season.”