Talks underway on forming coalition government.


Marga Prohens, a spokesperson for the Partido Popular in the Balearic parliament, said yesterday that negotiations between PSOE, Més and Podemos regarding a coalition required a reality check, and she asked whether Podemos would be “brave” in forming part of a new Balearic government. This was an ironic reference to the “surreal” attitude (as she described it) of Podemos through which it is seeking to make conditions regarding the next presidency without having decided whether it wants to be part of the government or not.  Prohens believes that the negotiations have reached an “impasse” and that in the final analysis they are all about the distribution of governmental positions: discussions being held behind the backs of the citizenry. But were there to be a pact, it would be one of “deconstruction”, she went on, as all that is known is what the three parties would repeal - the measures had been in their manifestos anyway. The three were no longer on the campaign trail, and so it was time for them to get real. The PP, she admitted, would not like it, but the three had to accept the reality and get on with realising their proposals. “From the PP, we say to them that if they intend to form a government, that they do so seriously, for the general interest and in a sober manner. If they are not going to govern, that leaves government open to the “list” most voted for (i.e. the PP).” It is worrying, she continued, that 15 days after the election, government was “stranded” with still no idea as to who will be running the governmental institutions in the Balearics. In her opinion, this is generating anxiety and insecurity for both the people and businesses. Positive trends in the Balearics should not be destroyed, she emphasised, by this instability and lack of agreement.


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