Firstly, I have to agree with  what Jason Moore wrote yesterday. The departure lounge at Gatwick airport last Friday evening was at bursting point, it was not a case of what you wanted to eat or drink but rather where it was  physically possible, the place was packed. But Majorca did not form part of most of the travel plans, in fact, there were empty seats on my flight back. Where they were going, who knows? I heard talk of Florida, Barbados, North Africa, Malta, Greece...
And all this was while I was in the cattle pen of  The Red Lion trying to get a round of drinks and, each time you purchase a drink, you have your boarding pass swiped or have to give your flight number -  your visit is registered.
Now, this could be complicated to enforce, or not, just develop an App, but why not introduce limits on the amount of drinks passengers can buy and it will be controlled by the number of times your pass is swiped. One swipe per drink. For example, the limits could be, and let’s be generous the sun is shining, four pints or  four single spirit mixers, a bottle of wine or fizz, the latter which was going down like the world’s stock of sparkling wine was about to be hit by the biggest drought ever, per passenger.
They can control everything else at airports in the  UK and across Europe, so why can  they not stop people boarding planes when they are totally drunk and end up causing mayhem at 30,000 feet?


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