Forensic scientists and National Police at the scene of the incident today. | ATIENZA


The National Police have opened an investigation into what could be a homicide case after a 45-year-old woman was found dead, apparently strangled and beaten.

The alarm was raised at 6.45am when neighbours reported a small fire at a property in calle Port de Cariño in Palma. The emergency services and firefighters were first on the scene and when the police reached the scene, the main access to the building was blocked and firefighters had to smash their way into the property.

Once inside, the police discovered the body of a 45-year-old women amongst the smoke and a mattress on fire. The fire crew dealt with the flames quickly. But there were apparently clear signs of violence about the victim and she was lying in a pool of blood - which is why the police suspect they are dealing with a homicide case - although sources close to the case said that investigators are keeping open minds. They said that the police could be dealing with a suicide case or a simple accident; the results of the autopsy and the findings of the forensics will prove crucial.

At around 10am, members of the victim’s family arrived at the property and there were scenes of great tension and anger. Teams of police forensic scientists spent most of the day at the scene combing the property for evidence while the National Police began questioning neighbours and any potential eyewitnesses.