Something of a damp squib? Puerto Pollensa's fireworks. | Tots per Pollença


Is there no end to the rows in Puerto Pollensa? The latest two have to do with another kiosk and the fireworks that brought the fiestas to an end on Sunday.

Rather like the Gelats Valls ice-cream kiosk, the hamburger stand near the church square has been around since the 1960s, albeit not always in its current location. It has, however, been on borrowed time for more than ten years: in 2005 the town hall set in motion the process for it to be dismantled. This was confirmed in January this year on the order of mayor Miquel Ángel March, the process having been subject to two court rulings, the last of which was seven years ago.

The original decision in 2005 followed a "denuncia" said to have come from the father of the now tourism councillor, Iliana Capllonch. At the time it had the necessary permits, but the complaint was upheld by the town hall though never followed through. The current councillor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre Bennàsar, says that there have been repeated complaints about smells from the stand and about its safety, given that it uses butane.

As to the fireworks, it was evident from social media that Sunday's display did not match the splendour of some recent years. Tots per Pollença, led by ex-mayor Tomeu Cifre Ochogovia, reckon that they have the explanation. The display was cut back to the minimum that could be permitted because the town hall had not got the relevant authorisation from the national government's delegation to the Balearics, which oversees security matters.

Tots maintain that the administration failed to take account of the fact that if a fireworks display involves more than 50 kilos of explosive, it has to have approval. The party implies that the specification for the display would have involved more than this amount, pointing to a 36,000 euro tender for staging displays in Puerto Pollensa as well as in Cala San Vicente and Pollensa town (for La Patrona next month).

The town hall has responded by saying that the display was put on for the first time with "strict compliance with the law and by an open tender". The three displays are much cheaper than what Tots are claiming, as the award was for 16,000 euros. The administration has offered a reminder of the fact that in 2011, when Cifre Ochogovia was mayor, there were no fireworks for the Puerto Pollensa fiestas.