Doctor Bonaventura Clotet Sala, who believes a cure for AIDS can be found. | Jordi Anguera


Club Ultima Hora has organised a conference on AIDS to be held at the CaixaForum in Palma on Thursday, 6 April at 7pm. A collaboration with IrsiCaixa, CaixaBank and the Fundació Lluita contra la Sida (AIDS), a key question will be can there be a cure for AIDS.

This is the question which will be addressed by Doctor Bonaventura Clotet Sala, the director of the IrsiCaixa Institute of AIDS Research and president of the Fundació Lluita.

Bonaventura Clotet graduated in 1981 as a doctor of medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a thesis on autoimmune diseases. He has dedicated a great part of his professional career to seeking a cure to eradicate AIDS. He was a specialist in internal medicine at Barcelona's Vall d'Hebron University Hospital when the first case of AIDS in Spain was diagnosed. It was this that led him to focus on the disease.

"Spain is at the one of the leaders in seeking to find a vaccine against AIDS," he says, but argues the need for greater funding. "Spain should another zero to each budget item for research. It's a pity that not more is done to realise the capital that there is."

The many advances made by IrsiCaixa have made Dr. Clotet one of the world's leading authorities on HIV research. During his career he has published more than 700 articles in international scientific research journals.

The conference at the CaixaForum will be chaired by Melchor Riera, head of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Son Espases. Capacity at the conference is limited, so it is necessary to confirm attendance by email to