Some courier and freight flights operate at night. | R.D


The Spanish association of airline companies has responded to Palma town hall's request for an end to flights between 11pm and 6am. Its president, Felipe Navió, says that this would affect air routes and be detrimental to Majorca's business and industry.

Navío argues that the most negative aspect of shutting down this time slot would be on the seasonal and permanent airline bases at Palma airport. There has been "work over many years to attract airlines to have bases". In addition, there would be an impact on services such as DHL and MRW.

Richard Clark, the deputy managing director of Air Europa, says that the move would not just endanger the bases but also the whole aeronautic industry at the airport, such as the Globalia maintenance hangar. "I don't believe that it (the town hall) has acted with common sense or with having thought about the economic consequences."

The airlines point out that there is traffic between 11pm and 1am and that it is necessary. These are mainly flights for which delays have accumulated during the day. They have to arrive later than 11pm.

During the summer there can typically be 800 flights per day. Of these, under thirty are at night. Navío concludes that someone doesn't know how the airport operates or has acted in a thoughtless manner.

The town hall's request, which has gone to the ministry of development, Aena and the director of the airport, was sent by Neus Truyol, the councillor for ecology.