Es Trenc, no chiringuitos and now sunloungers will have to go if they are too near to the dunes. | Teresa Ayuga

The environment ministry's directorate for natural spaces and biodiversity has sent a letter to the Costas Authority and to Campos town hall insisting that sunloungers on Es Trenc beach are a minimum of six metres away from where the dunes start at the back of the beach. This stipulation is in the law for the Es Trenc-Salobar Nature Park.

The letter also says that where this distance cannot be "guaranteed", the number of sunbeds will have to be reduced in order that it can be guaranteed.

The director, Miquel Mir, says that the sunloungers do not significantly affect the declaration of a place in the cultural interest and the zone for the protection of birds as they apply to the nature park. Nevertheless, he wants the town hall and the Costas to correct any breaches.

Maintaining the six metre distance isn't easy in some parts of the beach because a gradual loss of sand in recent years has meant that the sunloungers have been moved backwards from the sea. The town hall says that it is really an issue for the Costas, because of its responsibilities for coastal public domain. Even so, mayor Sebastià Sagreras adds that the town hall will be "urging" sunlounger concession holders to comply with the law.