There is constant talk about the amount of traffic using the Via Cintura. | MDB

The stretch of the Via Cintura between the Inca motorway junction and the Soller exit is the busiest section of road in Majorca.

The latest traffic figures from the Council of Majorca report that last year there was an average of 188,682 vehicles each day along this stretch, a new record. The average daily intensity of traffic was up 5% over 2016, i.e. around 10,000 vehicles. There was a similar increase in 2016 compared with 2015.

Mostly all stretches of the Via Cintura register over 100,000 vehicles a day, with one of the most congested points being where the Inca motorway joins it - some 134,000 vehicles per day. As anyone with any experience of driving into Palma will know, the tailbacks at times of the day for the Andratx direction can be lengthy.

The Council is at present looking at measures to ease traffic while the building of the Via Conectora is carried out. It should help to alleviate congestion. In the meantime, particular attention is being given to the stretch to the Soller exit.

At a peak, there are some three million journeys on Balearic main roads (including motorways) per day. Of these, more than 900,000 are said to be ones by tourists.