There is concern about insurance payouts for cars. | Archive

Arta councillor Bartomeu Gili, whose father Rafel died as a result of the floods on 9 October, says that there is a complete lack of movement by Madrid in providing aid. "We don't know anything and we don't expect anything."

By contrast, he is full of praise for assistance that has been forthcoming from the regional government. He has welcomed the willingness of senior politicians to deal with issues that go beyond the mere nature of the disaster and points to psychological factors having been taken into account in determining aid as well as physical ones.

Gili explains that there is still a concern about insurance payments. There haven't yet been assessments related to cars. He believes that the courts may have to get involved in various cases. He also says that there has been no news about the report into what happened on 9 October, and the activation of the regional government's Inunbal flood emergency plan in particular. He stresses that "we will not waver until everything is made clear and is made public, be it good or bad, so that this cannot happen again".