On Can Pere Antoni beach in Palma. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Based on data from the Aemet weather station at Portopi, February was the second driest this century. There were just 2.8 litres of rain per square metre, fractionally above what there were in 2000. It was also the second driest since 1978, which was when the weather station started functioning.

Away from Palma, Lluc registered the fourth driest February since 1951. There were eight litres of rain per square metre. In 1957 and 1961 there was no rain at all. In 2000 there were 7.4 litres.

Aemet says that the absence of rain has been due to a stable anticyclone. This has produced springlike temperatures and also cold nights. There has been more frost than normal because of clear skies and lack of wind. At the Lluc and Son Torrella weather stations in the Tramuntana there were sixteen frosts, whereas there are typically nine or ten.

The maximum temperatures have been 1.3 degrees above normal and the minimum temperatures 1.4 degrees lower than normal. The consequence of these variations is that the February average temperature was, in Aemet terms, "normal".

The highest temperature was 23.9C in Porreres. The lowest was -4.7C at the Son Torrella station. As for rainfall, the average for Majorca is 43 litres per square metre. Last month there were only five litres. There was little rain and there was no snow, even though February is the month when snow can be expected more than others.