Palma taxi drivers want to know what is happening regarding the new fares. | T. AYUGA

Palma taxi drivers are concerned about the delay in the approval of the new fares which include an average increase of 2.43% to the existing prices and for the first time the taxi fares from the airport will be linked to the citizens card held by Palma residents.

Five months
The new rates were announced by the previous Minister for Transport in February but five months have passed and they still have not been approved by the Government.

“We are in the dark, we don’t know if there is a problem or the delay is due to the other reasons,” Jaume Vila, spokesperson for the Association of Self-employed Taxi Drivers said.

“We do not know anything and the summer season has already started, so if they are not going to be approved we want to know why,” Vila added. The change in government and Palma city council has obviously slowed the process down, but the association will be asking for explanations at the next meeting with the new Palma councillor for transport Xisco Dalmau.

As the situation stands, no one at Palma council is able to confirm when the new taxi fares will come into force, although it is hoped that they will come into force before the end of the season, “at least that is our target,” a spokesperson said.
But, not all taxi drivers are satisfied with the new fares.

The new fares will mean that holders of a citizens card will be entitled to a discount on fares from the airport exceeding 16 euros.

However, should the journey cost less than 16 euros then cabbies will have to charge the meter rate which could be as low as 13 euros.