Balearic parliament

Under the agreements reached yesterday with Més and Podemos, 25 laws are envisaged.

03-09-2019Jaume Morey

President Armengol and the PSOE parliamentary spokesperson Silvia Cano yesterday set out the agenda for the new parliament and for legislative priorities.

Among these priorities will be regulation of all-inclusive hotels and of so-called tourism of excesses. Armengol suggested that these regulations will be contained in the same item of legislation.

There is to be a law on addictions which the government plans to proceed with "rapidly" and with particular reference to minors and public health.

The first legislative item on the agenda that PSOE are moving will be for the reconciliation of working, personal and family life. Cano noted that this will involve agreements with feminist groups, unions, business and associations.

An LGTBI law is planned, as is the creation of an LGTBI office to assist people who suffer any discrimination. Also on a social front will be an international cooperation law for attention to refugees.

Under the agreements with Més and Podemos, 25 laws are envisaged.

In general terms, these laws will be for social, environmental and economic sustainability, greater distribution of wealth, improved employment conditions, environmental protection and the combating of climate change.


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Brian / Hace over 2 years

Been all inclusive since 2011 and only ever seen one drunk person in the hotels we stay in. Seen plenty however where bars are giving free shots and special offers. The younger generation will get drunk whatever you do so trying to stop it is a pointless exercise. Banning people under 40 may help but who is going to do that. The only way is for bars to turn away people when they know they are at a point where no more alcohol intake is sensible. However bars will not turn custom away and people who wish to get drunk out of their heads will continue to do so. I am afraid this is a fact of life and all countries and bars allow it so moaning about the effects of too much bad drunken behaviour is no good at all.