The plantation at Sencelles cultivated up to 2,000 marijuana plants. | National Police


Two German nationals and two Spaniards have been arrested for alleged crimes against public health and one of Palma’s main marijuana suppliers has been shut down.

Simultaneous raids were carried out across the island and police have dismantled plantations in an air exclusion zone near Sencelles with the capacity to grow more than 2,000 marijuana plants.

The air exclusion zone made it extremely difficult for the security forces to uncover the plantations who confiscated a carbine-type firearm and several electric fluid fraud points and some other materials on the premises.

Investigators say the operation destroyed more than 400 large-scale marijuana plants, closed down two high-density facilities that were dedicated to cultivating the drugs and interrupted the main drug supply to Palma.

The Spaniards were charged with maintaining and operating the plantations and the Germans with fraudulently acquiring electricity and diverting it to the plantations and with having a marijuana plantation on their land.