Miguel Femenía after being arrested. | Archives

Five heads of departments from Palma City Council who were arrested in 2016 in connection with the ORA case, have signed a letter demanding that Mayor José Hila retract a public statement he made at that time.

A representative for the defendants who were responsible for Interior, Mobilitat, Ordination of Mobilitat and Multes explained the contents of the letter.

“On October 17, 2016 we were arrested at Palma City Council and in a public appearance the next day, the Mayor said, “The investigation questions Municipal actions. The Popular Party seems to have organised a network in the Town Hall to serve its own interests and at no time those of the citizens and it was necessary to dismantle this network.”


The representative added, “After more than three years, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of both Madrid and the Balearic Islands have requested the dismissal of this case after finding no irregular or illegal actions, which has been backed by the Investigating Judge, the signatories ask the Mayor to retract with speed, clarity and publicity the actions he accused us of.”