Armengol interviene en un desayuno informativo

President Armengol speaking at a business breakfast in Madrid on Tuesday.

21-01-2020Efe - Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Speaking in Madrid on Tuesday, President Armengol said that the Balearics decree against drunken tourism has been very well received in other countries. No one else in Europe has taken this route, she observed, explaining that the government believes it is essential to eradicate focal points for drunken tourism. There are "very few" of these, "but they damage the image of the islands, devalue coexistence, and undermine multi-million investment by the private sector that is aimed at increasing quality and profitability".

Armengol said that if businesses invest heavily in hotels but find that the immediate environment is "full of drunken tourism" creating problems in the streets, then there has to be regulation in order to establish a peaceful environment. The government's decree focuses on three resorts, and a vast majority of the tourism sector is in agreement with the government.

"We have decided to be courageous and attack problems of anti-social tourism through prohibition and very serious fines. Society wants a tourism of quality that is respectful." She insisted that it is unacceptable that people living in a tourist resort should have to put up with situations that are "totally unpleasant". People "will not want to live" in the resorts targeted by the decree.


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J / Hace over 2 years

Main problem is looky looky men selling drugs and mugging prostitutes. Nothing being done about this so the main bad image and danger is allowed to carry on and basically encouraged ! Another way to show the tourist is not wanted but illegal immigrant criminals are welcome !


MelB / Hace over 2 years

Again no mention of the muggers/prostitutes/looky-looky men; as big a problem as the drunken louts.