Graphic impression of the slope that will be built on each block as houses are demolished in Son Banya. | Ultima Hora


Palma City Council has saved around 40,000 euros in electricity bills since the demolition of Son Banya.

The lighting bill from the start of the work until October last year amounted to 250,126 euros, which is 39,431 euros less than the same period in 2018, according to the Councillor for Culture & Social Welfare, Antoni Noguera.

"Since the City Council started the Son Banya dismantling plan, electricity consumption has plummeted which is a significant saving,” he said.

The first phase of the process of dismantling Son Banya resulted in the eviction of 117 people including 49 children.

"Despite this, we must continue to work to put an end to the settlement before the end of the year 2021, then the land will be transferred to the Government to build a residence.

But things didn’t exactly go as planned, because as soon as the buildings were torn down, some of the families just rebuilt them.

"It is true that after the houses were demolished the families rebuilt four of them, which is why we will destroy them again during the second phase,” said Noguera.

During the second phase of the project the properties will be demolished block by block instead of one house at a time and slopes will be built in their place to stop families rebuilding their homes.

It will take just under a week and cost 917,000 euros to destroy the 85 structures that around 90 families call home and a heavy police presence is expected in Son Banya during the demolition process.