The flags were taken down.


On Saturday evening, Sa Pobla police went to a property on Calle Marina and forced the occupant to remove flags that had been hung in the street. These were the Spanish flag with the Francoist symbol of the San Juan eagle and the Falange flag.

Under the Balearic law of democratic memory and recognition, any display that implies exaltation or recognition of Francoism and the military uprising in 1936 is prohibited and subject to fines that can range from 200 to 150,000 euros. The flags were immediately taken down.

On behalf of the town hall, Sa Pobla's mayor, Llorenç Gelabert, stated that "we strongly condemn" the display of these flags on the public way.


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Stephen / Hace about 1 year

Please stay in Majorca Louis we don’t want clueless bad language oiks in the Uk like you thank you.


Louis / Hace about 1 year

Sorry Stephen but just to point out in case you forgot but Franco was a fascist dictator responsible for the deaths of many who simply didn't agree with him.

I won't draw any conclusions for you because anyone with a moral compass will understand why it's not acceptable to fly such a flag in the street.

Also, the socialist government has bought in measures to curb vacation rentals because all the mass tourism has driven the native population to cohabiting as they cannot compete with the money fat cat foreigners like yourself can pay.

And just to make it sweeter, I'm British and living in Mallorca and I can recognize it.

You fxcking gammon.


Stephen / Hace about 1 year

No free speech in Majorca then these days. When British tourists first started coming to Majorca in the late 60’s and early 70’s General Franco was still in power and did a lot to boost tourism which helped islanders from abject poverty. Now the socialist governments have killed the tourism industry by the banning of private villa and apartment rentals. These tourists are the ones Majorca needs who visit all year round and spend on car hire restaurants and local supermarkets. The island does not need cheap badly behaved all inclusive tourists encouraged by the Majorcan government.


tadzio / Hace about 1 year

All done in the name of free speech, of course. One would almost think that the communists did not kill anyone, but some lives must be more important than others, even in death. So much for democracia,