Council of Minorca president, Susana Mora. | Javier Coll


Council of Minorca president Susana Mora has broadly welcomed the Spanish government's de-escalation plan, although she would like Minorca to enter Phase 1 from this coming Monday, which will be the situation with Formentera and is what President Armengol is asking for.

The plan, she says, opens up the possibility of asymmetric de-escalation by phases and territories, everything pointing to the islands being able to carry out a more advanced process of de-escalation.

If the request for Minorca to enter Phase 1 earlier than the government had stated is not granted, Mora notes that just a week after Formentera, Minorca will start its de-escalation, which is "very positive for social and economic activity". She is asking to public to be responsible in recovering what will be the "new normality". "If we do everything well, we will be able to revive social and economic life earlier, but under strict health guidelines."