Extinction Rebellion | Extinction Rebellion


The Environmental Group, Extinction Rebellion, or XR, has called for a "green transition" after the coronavirus crisis, with a performance by eight participants in Palma.

“We want to use this initiative to warn the population of the importance of biodiversity as a barrier to prevent future pandemics,” said XR Spokesperson, Mabel Moreno who announced that simultaneous performances will be staged in different Spanish cities.

"One of our mottos is that we are defending nature, which means that we don't want to return to the normal we had before the Covid-19 crisis, i.e. the unsustainable tourism model,” said Moreno.

"It is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before 2025, after that it will be too late and it will not be possible to prevent the earth from entering what is known as positive feedback loops,” she added.

The XR Spokesperson also pointed out that, "we need to look ahead to prevent it being too late for the planet and make sure politicians take all economic and social revival requests into account after the coronavirus pandemic.”

Citizens' Assemblies

“The Government should promote Citizens' Assemblies, a tool that is being used in Europe to monitor environmental policies,” she said. “Covid-19 is not just a health crisis, it’s also a social crisis that affects all people and for that reason, we must listen to everyone and citizen assemblies is the way to do it.”

"People from Civil Society, such as Scientists, Technicians, Experts, Politicians, etc would be randomly chosen and trained to debate and reach binding agreements on any matter,” she concluded.