The bullring had been painted for the correfoc.

Muro's gang of demons, Dimonis de Sa Pedrera, had been due to stage their annual "Summer Solstice" correfoc spectacular on Friday night, but intervention by the Guardia Civil meant that it was called off.

The correfoc for the Sant Joan Fiestas is held in the bullring and not in the church/town hall square, which is the location for the Sant Antoni Fiestas fire-run in January. The organisers were advised by the Guardia Civil that they needed to present a disinfection certificate for the bullring, which is rarely used nowadays. Given the cost of paying for such a certificate, Dimonis de Sa Pedrera offered to clean the arena themselves but were not given authorisation to do this.

The bullring's capacity is 4,000. It had been drastically reduced to one tenth of this capacity for the Friday night event, but once it became clear that the public would not be able to enter, the demons informed people who had made reservations that they shouldn't attend. It would instead be held behind closed doors and broadcast on social media. However, at around eight o'clock the demons were told by the Guardia that they would be reported if they used pyrotechnics. The decision was therefore taken to call the event off.