Palma police officer on the Avenida Gabriel Alomar. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


A 48-year-old Russian woman, Marina F., is one person who faces a possible one-year prison sentence for having repeatedly breached confinement rules during the state of alarm.

The prosecution service is calling for sentences of up to one year for people who were reported for having been on the streets on several occasions without good reason. In the case of Marina F, who doesn't have legal residence in Spain, she was caught on four occasions in March and April - once by the National Police in Palma and three times by Palma police. On the final occasion she was arrested and spent eight days in provisional detention.

In making its demand for a one-year sentence, the prosecution service notes that Marina F. was convicted in 2014 for robbery with violence. It goes on to state that she was fully aware of the conditions of the state of alarm, that she knew it was forbidden to be outside without just cause, but that she didn't care.

She was first reported on March 21, seven days after the state of alarm was declared. This was by National Police officers, who came across her on the Calle Ferrería in Palma; she didn't have a reason to be out. Six days later, two Palma police officers encountered her on the Avenida Gabriel Alomar.

In April, on the tenth, she was stopped by Palma police officers on the Calle Manacor and was given a warning. Two days later, the Palma officers who had reported her in March detained her on the Avenida Gabriel Alomar. Her crime was serious disobedience.

Marina F. maintains that on each occasion she was on her way to get food at the Tardor soup kitchen on Calle Reina Constanza. She has also told an investigating judge that she works as a carer for an elderly man who lives on Via Sindicato. Her case is due to be heard at the end of this month.

Cesare C., a 56-year-old Italian national, faces eight months in prison. He was reported by Palma police on three occasions in March. On the fourth occasion, April 12, he was on the steps leading to the Plaça Major. Officers arrested him for serious disobedience, and he spent three days in provisional detention.