Felanitx Mayor Jaume Monserrat & Councilor Catalina Soler at the landfill. | Gori Vicens


Hundreds of plastic bottles, glass and containers have been piling up on a farm near the Can Alou quarry, in Felanitx for years, according to a Greenpeace report on the setback in the fight against single-use plastic.

In 'Ecoembes lies: Dismantling the deceptions of the management of household packaging waste' the environmental organisation denounces the illegal landfill on the property saying 40% of the packaging that's sent to the Son Reus selection plant is burned and the rest ends up getting dumped in places like Felanitx.

"We don’t know who started this illegal dumping but it is an aberration," blasts Julio Barea, Head of the Greenpeace Waste Campaign.

Greenpeace Volunteer, Javier Soto says it’s important to raise public awareness about the price of raw materials and stressed the urgent need for a comprehensive waste management system.

Felanitx Town Hall admitted that the landfill has been there for years and has promised to do something about it.

"We are aware of the Greenpeace complaint and the police have made a report,” said Felanitx Mayor Jaume Monserrat. “It is a large area and we plan to study the situation to find a way to reverse this disaster.”

Medi Ambient launched an immediate investigation after it received the Greenpeace complaint.