The doctors union is demanding that all patients are tested.


The doctors union, Simebal, and the Satse nurses union have condemned as "reckless and negligent" the fact that not all patients being admitted to hospitals in the Balearics are tested for coronavirus. The general policy is to only test patients who are admitted for operations or who have symptoms of coronavirus.

On Sunday, the Simebal union stated that this represents a danger for other patients and for health workers. "It should be essential that any patient who is admitted undergoes a test. This is further proof of things not being done well. If tests are not performed on all patients admitted to hospital, Covid is being introduced, and hospitals cannot be sources of contagion."

However, Simebal delegates in Minorca and at Son Llàtzer Hospital in Palma say that testing is carried out on all patients. They add that this is also the case in certain departments at Son Espases, such as haematology.

Nevertheless, Jorge Tera, the general secretary of Satse, insists that it is "irresponsible" not to test all patients, adding that his union will take the appropriate measures.

The regional ministry of health argues that the protocol is for tests to only be performed on patients to be operated on or with coronavirus symptoms. There was, however, an agreement in April between the national ministry of health and regional health authorities to test all patients being admitted. At some point, this ceased to be the case in the Balearics and in other regions. It is not known if the decision in the Balearics was taken unilaterally or if there was an amendment of the agreement.