Health centres are getting back to something like normality. | Josep Bagur Gomila

There were no reports over the weekend, so on Monday the health ministry was catching up in supplying coronavirus data. For the three-day period the number of new positive cases is 98. The highest number (39) corresponds to that would have been the Saturday report. The most recent number is 28 - all of the cases in Mallorca - with a positivity rate of 1.31% from 2,137 tests.

Covid graph of active cases on the Balearic Islands

No more deaths have been reported; the total remains 840. Following what was a decrease of seven in the number of Covid patients on hospital wards in Mallorca - down to 13 in the report last Friday - there is now an increase of three to 16. There are decreases in Ibiza - by one to six - and in Minorca, also by one to one. There are no changes in Ibiza (seven) and Minorca (two). There is one more patient in intensive care in Mallorca (eleven). There are no changes in Ibiza (one) or in Minorca (one).

One hundred and thirty-one more people have recovered, seven of whom were in hospital. The number of people being attended to by the health service in the Balearics (active cases) is down 40 to 560. Primary care in Mallorca is monitoring 433 people, down 39.

The 14-day cumulative incidence rate in the Balearics is 39.01 and the seven-day rate is 19.46.

As to the vaccination programme - 547,481 doses have been administered in the Balearics; in Mallorca the figure is 433,246. There are 171,534 people who have been fully vaccinated in the Balearics; 136,763 in Mallorca. For the Balearics, 39.4% of the target population has been vaccinated and 17.3% have received the full course.

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At municipality level, there have been 81 new cases in Palma over the past seven days. The next highest is Sa Pobla with 26 and a 14-day incidence of 312.4 and a seven-day incidence of 188.9. There have been twelve new cases in Manacor, eleven in Alcudia, ten in Marratxi.