Your English speking lawyers.

Going to a foreign country sounds great. The setting is always idyllic and this motivates us to travel, invest, and to move to another country. In our country of origin we usually have a team of close advisors that supports us in any decision. It can be family, friends or experts in the field, such as lawyers, who advise us on the steps we have to take. But this part is one of our main weak points when we leave our borders.

For this reason, it is important, even before leaving our country, to visualize a scenario in which we will need help and to have on hand the telephone number of a lawyer in Spain who can accompany us on the journey, advise or defend against any conflict that may arise when we travel or want to live in this country.

Most likely, during a short stay in Mallorca or Ibiza, for example, there will be no problems beyond which beach to visit today. But things change when the stays are extended, since there may be conflicts with the car rental, with the house we live in, with our health insurance, with public health, with some criminal act in which, inadvertently, we are involved… And having a lawyer specialized in British clients and who speaks English (English speaking lawyers) makes more sense when the client's next step is to move, get married, bring their family or invest in the Balearic Islands.

The support of a lawyer is usually required for the following tasks: project management, investments, real estate transactions, rehabilitation works, permitting, employment contracts, litigation, criminal law, analysis of financial viability, financial management of real estate investment… But lawyers specialized in international law and foreign clients are also dedicated to processing Golden Visa, residence permits, Real Estate Law, taxes and fees advice and everything related to personal assistance to the client.

Highly ranked lawyers in Majorca

At Castell Law, a law firm in Mallorca, they work with English clients speaking the same language, (they are called Lawyers Mallorca) which facilitates work, fluid communication and transparency between both parties. In this office they advise and represent foreign clients in any legal matter in all the Balearic Islands. They know the Spanish commercial codes, which are complex in themselves, and accompany their clients whenever they require a Spanish lawyer with deep knowledge of Spanish laws.

For Castell Law, the formula for success in many life projects in Spain is to have a trusted lawyer who accompanies the client throughout the journey, especially at the beginning. Their lawyers offer peace of mind, while taking care of all the paperwork and paperwork that the client needs while the client takes care of other matters.

Castell Law is an independent law unit focused on international clients, within the multinational Castell Abogados law firm. All of Castell Law’s lawyers are bilingual and leaders in their field and our practice areas are highly ranked by the legal directories. At Castell Law, they provide a full range of legal services: from Criminal Law, Civil Law, Maritime law to Golden Visa applications, Real Estate advisory, Project Management, and Business law among others. Carlos Castell, CEO of the law firm, always recommends having on hand their contact for any urgent matter that may arise (telephone number for general inquiries, immigration and Golden Visa: +34 680464800; and their mail