Greater priority is to be given to pedestrians. | Maria Nadal


Manacor town hall is currently finalising the tender for work to improve Porto Cristo's frontline.

One of the objectives is to put an end to flooding when there is heavy rain. Nuria Hinojosa, councillor for urban planning, says there is no network for rainwater in this area. As a consequence, rainwater falls down steps to the beach, creates a channel of its own in the sand and goes into the sea. This causes damage to the beach and so the rainwater is to now be collected by an actual channel, treated and then sent into the sea.

The other project is to make the frontline "more accessible to people". With this in mind, the pavement along Carrer Bordils will be the same level as the road. Greater priority is to be given to pedestrians, but the two traffic lanes will remain. Hinojosa explains that buses go along the road and can't be diverted elsewhere.

Street lighting is to be upgraded as are the telecommunications and water supply networks. The councillor stresses the importance of both projects, saying that they have required a long process because of the need to gain approvals from other authorities for the rainwater channelling - the environment ministry and the regional Ports IB authority.

All the work is due to be completed in time for next year's tourism season. It will cost 1.3 million euros. Of this, the Balearic government will contribute 600,000 euros from the fund for tourist accommodation places.