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Living in Spain is the desire of many people. The climate, security, gastronomy and culture in general make it an ideal destination. But do you know how you can legally live in Spain? The Spain Golden Visa is an alternative that you can consider, especially if you are an investor. In recent years, it has been one of the main options by which many international individuals have obtained their residency in a relatively short time.

Spain implemented in 2013 the Golden Visa, a permit and residence authorisation that was conceived as an engine to attract investment and talent to the country, which was dealing with a long economic crisis. This measure, after the pandemic and Brexit, has become the most preferred option for most of the international clients Carlos Castell has in his law firm, Castell Abogados, based in Majorca, which now has created a new website to process all Golden Visa applications.

The Spanish Golden Visa has had a significant increase in applications. With this visa, the investor not only obtains legal residence in Spain, but also obtains a statute that allows free movement throughout all the countries of the European Union.

Aimed at investors

This measure, called the investors visa or Golden Visa, is still aimed at investors, entrepreneurs or workers who carry out intra-corporate movements, highly qualified professionals and researchers, as well as spouses and children, through an agile and fast procedure.

It is necessary for the investor to meet certain conditions and general requirements, but Golden Visa is positioned as a magnificent alternative to live in Spain. One of the main advantages of this residence permit is that it is not only suitable for the investor, but also for his closest family.

The Spain Golden Visa is an option that requires a minimum amount of investment, being the real estate the one that requires a lower amount (500,000 €). Other different types of investment are: investing at least 2,000,000 euros in Spanish public debt securities; investing 1,000,000 in shares or social participations of Spanish companies; investing 1,000,000 in bank deposits or developing a business project in Spain that is of general interest.

Other Golden Visa advantages include a reduced resolution time. While a normal immigration process can take months, this type of residence request for investors or Golden Visa is resolved in a period of 10 days in general cases. Also, it can be easily renewed and without a minimum of days of having resided in Spain during the permit.

Golden Visa enables investors and their families to live and work legally in Spain, and the right of movement within the Schengen area.

Where to get your Golden Visa permit easily

Castell Abogados is one of the most renowned and respected law firms in Majorca with over 8 years of professional experience working with international clients. A client focused service, together with high quality ethical standards are the basis of its mission. Their long standing service ethic has resulted in them becoming the reference law firm for multinational clients.

Castell Law & Investment, the international division within Castell Abogados, has created a new website ( that quickly and easily processes Golden Visa applications for all their international clients. They take care of advising the client, collecting all the necessary information and helping them with the investment process while submitting the application with agility, transparency and effectiveness. All of their lawyers specialized in Golden Visa are bilingual, a fact that will facilitate communication and speed up the process.

All Easy Golden Visa procedures can be managed online and it is not necessary for the applicant to visit their offices, although they can do so if they wish. Once a client contacts them, the conversations and meetings will be telematic.

As Carlos Castell, the CEO of the company, eplains, “the system for obtaining a Golden Visa with Easy Golden Visa is easy, fast and will save you time and money. We advise you from minute one on your process, your investment and we process everything necessary for you to successfully obtain your Golden Visa residence”.

Castell Abogados is integrated by a group of highly specialized professionals that carry out different immigration procedures. A deep knowledge of the regulation and constant contact with the competent authorities has allowed them to develop their practice. In Castell Abogados they have a team of specialists who offer immigration services to citizens of EU-member states, EEA-member states or Switzerland, and to citizens of other States.