Protest against bar and restaurant closure in January this year. | Jaume Morey


Bars and restaurants have recovered much of their activity, Covid restrictions having been eased from what they once were, which included total closure. Closing time is 1am, but this may be earlier, as town hall regulations also apply. Otherwise, there remain limits on the number of people at tables. These are now being increased to twelve outdoors and eight indoors.

Some in the hospitality sector want all the restrictions to go. Victor Sánchez, who came to prominence with the Resistencia Balear, is one of them. His latest movement, Unión de Centro Balear, has called a protest for this Thursday. The national government delegation has been advised that it is planned for 10.30am outside the Balearic government's Consolat del Mar headquarters.

Sánchez says that "we will only stop this protest if the government removes all restrictions". "We come back to the same thing, which is that the hospitality industry is not to blame for anything. So we will continue to take to the streets to fight. There are queues of people for the Caló des Moro beach without any safe distance or masks, and yet twelve people cannot queue in a restaurant."

The original protests against bar and restaurant restrictions attracted a great deal of support. They also led to arrests and some heavy fines. More recent protests have had low participation.