Find verified professionals near you on MastersMine - quickly and easily search for local professionals online., founded in Mallorca in 2021, is a new online marketplace and online directory that allows users to search for, rate, and hire local service providers to work on a variety of personal projects, including home improvement.

By making it easier, more affordable, and safer than ever before to purchase services, we aim to transform a broad swath of the service sector much as eBay and Amazon have done for products. We know this is an ambitious goal but we believe the transition to transacting services online is inevitable and imminent.

Service professionals that need a little extra help getting noticed can create profiles on as a way to draw attention to their services. Homeowners who need help with specific tasks (like putting up a light fixture, for example) select the service they require on the platform. then shows the client the professionals that offer such services in their local areas, and they can schedule their appointments to meet with these professionals after comparing price quotes from competitors.

Many newspaper readers know how difficult it is to find a suitable professional, such as a builder, gardener, handyman or painter, etc.

The supply of English-speaking professionals is much smaller than the demand for them due to the number of British people who live in Mallorca.

Accordingly, prices rise and it is difficult to find reliable professionals.

Many people, having hired an unfamiliar professional, do not get what they expect.

Andrey Yasenyavskiy, co-founder of

Andrey Yasenyavskiy, co-founder of

One day we decided to create MastersMine

I grew up in Spain and am familiar with all the difficulties associated with the local construction and service markets. The level of standard local quality differs from its equivalent in England, and the approach of professionals is different. It is not the easiest task to find a professional in Mallorca.

Personally, I always wanted to have some kind of tool, such as Uber, with which in a few clicks it would be possible to get a desired service at affordable prices.

Soon I realised that it shouldn't be so challenging to find a home renovation professional, for example. When accessing an online shop, we can buy clothes in a few clicks, compare prices, manufacturers, etc. And now, after suffering in various situations, my brother Mikhail and I had the idea of creating Together with our teammates, Andris Barbaris and Dmitrijs Danilovics we launched the project in 2021.

From our point of view we have created a tool that provides clients with a revolutionary experience. Never before has it been so easy to find a reliable professional in only a few clicks. is incredibly easy to use

Let's take a typical case – a plumber is urgently needed because a pipe has broken. The standard approach is to call all the professionals listed on the newsboard until an available professional is found at a normal price.

But for a customer looking for a professional on a newsboard, it is difficult to make a choice: there are many ads with the same content and all offer the best quality and a friendly price.

Local professionals rarely speak English, and not all British expats speak enough Spanish to explain their problem. is free for the client and works as follows: the client chooses a service, and the system offers available professionals located nearby, showing their experience, languages spoken, and most importantly, the estimated price for a particular service.

Each professional on MastersMine has prices for the services

Each professional on MastersMine has prices for the services

After the client chooses a service and briefly describes the problem, or for instance asks for a home renovation price, sends a notification of the request to all professionals registered on the website. Nearby professionals respond to a request, usually within the first fifteen minutes.

The customer receives a link to his phone so that at a convenient time he can choose from among the respondents the most suitable professional in terms of price and rating, thus saving time. I make it clear that no-one will bother the client with calls – communication with professionals takes place via chat.

Clients are also provided with telephone communication with the team who will help them find a suitable professional free of charge. Note that is available in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Russian.

Another important aspect of our project is trust in the professional, because by hiring a stranger from the newsboard and inviting him/her into your house, you run the risk of inviting someone who is not only a bad professional, but also a dishonest person.

Each professional on has been evaluated by us. Professional skills and diplomas are checked, and every professional has been photographed by us (assuring clients of additional reliability).

Payments to professionals are made directly. The administration team is always at the customer's service to provide help and assistance with any order.

The advantages for professionals

Every professional is faced with the marketing of services and the costs of this marketing.

You need to advertise, respond to inquiries and much more. Not every professional has the knowledge, time and money to do this.

James Smith, one of the English speaking gardeners on MastersMine

James Smith, one of the English speaking gardeners on MastersMine

MastersMine promotes the profiles of professionals on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. The MastersMine team writes descriptions in the four languages mentioned and makes sure that the professionals are constantly visible to clients online.

MastersMine, apart from being a B2C marketplace, also is a B2B platform, where companies and businesses can look for professionals and hire skilled workers.

The purpose of our project is to transfer customer requests to professionals without taking up their time. Considering the amount of time professionals spend on finding clients and the amount of money they spend on advertising, this is a very interesting and tempting offer.

I would like to add that is in no hurry to introduce fees for professionals. The business model of the website is currently under development. In short, we see our mission as significantly improving each client’s access to professional services in their region, while supporting local professionals in the development of their business.

Reviews - a crucial element of

Customers can leave reviews about the results of the professionals’ work, and it is impossible to leave fake reviews. All reviews are checked by the administration. This way you can read legitimate reviews of previous jobs completed by any professional near you or near your home.

Rating systems to help in searching for goods and services have long proven themselves to be the best source of information. This is evidenced by the great popularity of platforms such as Amazon, Booking, Airbnb, etc. The customer is more likely to pay attention to a professional with a positive rating and good recommendations than to a beautiful advertising banner. Very soon, customers will be choosing a team of electricians with a score of at least 4.5, and a qualified nanny will be in demand with a rating of 4.8.

No matter how much effort entrepreneurs make, the market is still dictated by the customer. And the sooner a professional begins to form his positive rating, the more potential customers he will have in the future. This trend is visible in many countries where service aggregators are already very popular. To be the first, you need to be proactive, because customers who are considering the offers of all professionals on under the same exact conditions will choose the professional who registered earlier.

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