Airport security review.

Airport security review.

06-11-2021CATI CLADERA

A nationwide man hunt was underway this morning for at least 10 North Africans who fled from Palma airport on Friday night after their plane landed following a medical emergency which was later revealed to be a hoax.

According to police at least two of the men have reached Barcelona, catching a ferry in Palma within hours of the incident. The police know the names and passport numbers of the missing men after the airline provided the necessary information. There were reports that some may have reached Valencia.

Red faced officials at Palma airport have ordered a complete investigation into the incident while radical far-right group, Vox, said in the Balearic parliament that the island was under siege from illegal immigrants.

Twelve other passengers on the flight, including the man who claimed that he was sick which led to the aircraft landing in Palma, have been sent to prison.


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David / Hace 2 months

Guys, this was predicted 30yrs ago as a likely. And is only just starting. See the March 1990 bbc/zdf As for famous European Union boarder guardians no where to be seen. Not in Poland, Greece, or rounding up the 1000s of undocumented and unregistered migrants in the Calais jungle looking for a boat. The problems in the Balkan’s as Serbia and the rest of the former Yugoslavia restart chewing lumps out of each other again. Probably due to no European nations reinforcing Ifor after the Brits left This will generate even more refugees.


JACQUELINE / Hace 2 months

Send them ALL back to there own countrys....simple as that...NO fannying about...!!! they took the piss out of EVERYONE... and ABUSED OUR MEDICAL SERVICES...i hop that person WHO fKED his illness suffers A REAL MEDICAL PROBLEM soon....WATS THAT SAYING " WHEN THE BOY CRIED WOLF..."!!!! he will get all he deserves and ALL the others too...!!!


Charles / Hace 2 months

“Radical far right group”. For a start, they aren’t a “group”, but a political party that has more MP’s than Podemos, the radical far left group, who are presently in government with the Socialists


Charlie / Hace 2 months

So this is how the EU protects the borders of it’s member states then?